The more time I spend in churches, the more surprised I am by how little Christians talk about God.  Even when speaking about Christianity – for example, in sermons – Christians find themselves spending more time on “how to” guides to the Christian life than on Christ Himself.

It’s not that talking about the Christian life isn’t valuable – it is – but it ignores something more important.  The foundation of the Christian life is love of God.  We should therefore spend a lot more time learning about God in order to love him.

That is what Christ Is Beautiful is about.  It seeks to explore the nature, character and beauty of the God who we see at the cross of Christ so that we can love Him more.

The blog is influenced by my academic work, but aims at communicating the ideas clearly to non-specialists and applying them meaningfully to Christian lives.  I will normally post at least twice a week.

About The Author

I am John, a postgraduate student in Modern Christian Doctrine at Oxford University.  I have previous degrees from Birmingham (BA Theology) and Nottingham (MA Biblical Interpretation and Theology).  When I’ve not been studying, I’ve spent time as a UCCF Relay Worker, as well as working – mostly in Parliament and the Civil Service.


2 Responses to About

  1. Glen says:

    Fascinating dissertation. I look forward to reading your posts.

    Are you on Twitter? (That’s usually the way I follow people these days).

    • TheologyJohn says:

      Thanks Glen.

      I am on twitter, but my twitter name is my real full name, and I’m wary of publishing it on this blog just yet – I’ll tweet you so you can find me. (I already follow you – I’m quite a fan of your blog!)

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